Banned Android Apps List That Are Not In Playstore

Apps that are not in Playstore. Is it true? We thought that every app is present in Playstore. Not sure? We can’t say that? Why? Don’t be confuse, here I will tell you and list out some best apps that are not in Playstore. You read so many articles, searched for so many apps, installed so many apps to your android device. Since, the installation that can be happened from Playstore only. Because automatically we will search for a app in Playstore. By default it will happen to all of us. No wonder. It has that much of popularity. We will install so many apps likely, music apps, video apps, watch movies online, free movie apps, games, communication apps like messenger apps and chatting apps.

Apps that are not in Playstore

We all know that top apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, messenger, Instagram, Snapchat and much more apps are very popular and top most downloaded apps in Playstore. There are so many top apps, which are not in Playstore. Why? There will a google policy to upload the app. Those app which follows all the policies of google, will only have right to upload the app in Playstore. There are tons of apps which are not available in Playstore. Apparently there are more than 1 million apps in Playstore. Popularity without Playstore is not a simple task. Due to their feasibility, ease of use and features some apps become more popular. Among those apps which are not in Playstore some are good and some may be a fake. Before installing or downloading it to your android, be sure that verify about the app somewhere and come to conclusion that it is a trusted app. Decision is yours. Read the users review in the site. Before installing make sure that enables “Install from Unknown Sources” in settings.

Note: Some of these apps may harm to your device, make sure that, and download the app from its official site only. Install it with your own risk.

Here I will list out some popular apps, which are not available in Playstore.

List of Apps that are not in Playstore

  1. Amazon Underground

It is amazon’s official app, which is most popular shopping app that is not available in Playstore. But still you can download it from amazon official website. So many millions of users are already downloaded and using this app. Apart of shopping this app will also give you games, underground apps.

  1. Tubemate

It is an app, which is a youtube video downloader. I think all of you were familiar with this app. Tubemate is popular to download videos from youtube. You can download those videos in different formats and resolutions. This app was officially restricted by Playstore. Not only from youtube, it also supports, downloads of videos from Facebook, vimeo, dailymotion etc.

  1. Wifi- kill

Wifi Kill app. Wifi kill is basically a wifi network controller app. By this you can disable the internet connections which are working on same wifi network. It is very popular app that is not available in Playstore. Wifi internet users have more work with this app. This app will show you how many people are connected to your wifi network. You can monitor the network activity of users.

  1. Popcorn time

Popcorn time, as the name indicates that it is a free time. This app will let you watch TV shows and movies in android. You can also download them with a single click. Whenever you are bore, just open this app and search for the movie you want. This app was not encouraged by Playstore. It allows the user to control the download speed and number of downloaded connections.

  1. Adskip

As the name indicates you can skip the ad which annoys you. It is a free ad blocker app for android. You can block ads and domains known to spread malware. It uses filters that you can choose all unwanted elements such as video ads, pop up ads, web ads and much more. It mutes the video pop ups.

  1. Lucky Patcher

It is a popular app that is not available in Playstore. It gives you actual control over the permissions you assign to other apps that are installed on your smart device. First thing is, you have to root your android phone before installing the app, you can start modifying app permissions, backing up and restoring of apps.  Lucky Patcher removes license verification of pro apps. You don’t need to buy anything from Playstore. By this app you can remove any app permissions. So, I think now you understood why google has not accepted it.

  1. IEMU

IEMU is a best and popular iOS emulator for android. By this you can run iOS apps in android. It is the most user preferable emulator. Minimum of 512MB RAM is sufficient to install this in your android device. It will support in android 2.3 version or above. This app size is 61Mb, means you don’t need much free space to install this app. This popular app isn’t listed in Playstore.

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