Why Do You Need To Change To a Cross Platform App

Launching Another App? Why Should It Be Cross Platform

Cross platform apps work on developing once launch everywhere concept. For those who are in the app industry know how easy it makes to reach a million people just by making your app live through a cross platform app development process.

It is achieved by using a technology and code base, which allows the app to be deployed and distributed across a series of the operating system, platform, and devices.

Cross Platform Apps

The challenges that cross platform app development once faced in terms of integration and delayed modifications are now slowly being resolved by a series of tools that have come up in the market to make it easy for a developer to create one app for multiple platforms.

What is important for a company is that it reaches maximum people in lowest cost, and with the every addition in the mobile market, this becomes difficult, with Cross Platform app development emerging as the only solution.

Let us look at some of the other benefits that the technology provides in addition to making your app reach the greater masses.

  1. Lower development cost

Instead of getting your app developed on different platforms, now you will only have to worry about one version of your app, something that can bring down the cost, majorly. Also, the developers who would have charged money individually for the platforms will now have to only use a fixed set of tools to create your app, thus lowering your app agency cost as well.

  1. Less Focus On Technical Skills

When you develop an app for Android or iPhone or even Windows, you need to have a skill set that would focus on them individually. Now if you sit back to learn all the programming languages to be able to become an all-rounder app developer, the process will be endless. Cross platform mobile app development solves this issue as you only have to learn the functioning of any of the tool that you will be using to create all the cross platform apps.

  1. More Consistency

Now consistency can be a challenge when you develop an app for devices individually. But, when you get an app developed through cross-platform, you can rest assured that it will come out to be similar across all the devices and platforms because there is a single codebase that is running.

  1. Easier Marketing

It becomes easier to market a cross-platform app as you don’t have to restrict yourself to one app store or its users. You can easily take the app to various markets on time and with a higher level of consistency and a lower cost.

Now that you know the reasons how a cross-platform app can prove to be a wise decision for your business, it is time you bring it into practice and for that, you will need to know a few tools that will come in handy, so here is a quick overview –

  • React Native
  • NativeScript
  • Xamarin
  • Appcelerator
  • Kony
  • PhoneGap
  • Sencha Touch

Now that you know all the tools that one can use to create a cross-platform app, it is time to get down from the fence and create one. While it is easy to get swayed by the naysayers who work on a school of thought that promotes being on one platform for the fact that it gives one a concentrated set of audience, it is not advisable.

After all, with such great options available in the market and many of them coming up with every passing day, it can be very difficult to judge where the people would stay on, even by the next month.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development is being used by a number of developers, globally. All you have to do is study the users of your next app and see if they are available or have the chance to migrate to some other platform like – Windows, Android, and IOS and then take your decision.

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