Difference Between Camera Roll and Photostream

Camera Roll

The Camera Roll really sits on your gadget, though My Photograph Stream is in the cloud and adjusts with all your different gadgets. Not at all like Camera Move, you have to empower My Photograph Stream physically.

For instance, on the off chance that you take a photograph on your iPhone, it quickly spares to your Camera Move and is unmistakable just on your iPhone (unless you’ve empowered My Photograph Stream).

My Photo Stream

My Photo Stream is more mind boggling, so hold on for us. 
This collection is an element of iCloud, Apple’s cloud-based capacity benefit, and is a brought together area for sharing photographs crosswise over gadgets. Rather than managing a sync link, My Photograph Stream permits you to get to your previews from any gadget whenever. In the event that you see a My Photograph Stream organizer in your collection, this is on the grounds that you have officially empowered it in iCloud.
Here’s the way to enact My Photo Stream on your gadgets: 
iOS gadgets: Go to Settings > iCloud > Photographs (“Photograph Stream” in iOS 6), and tap the “My Photograph Stream” catch to turn on the component.
Macintosh (MAC): Go to Framework Inclinations > iCloud, and check the container for Photographs (or “Photograph Stream”). Click Alternatives and check whether My Photograph Stream is checked. You can likewise verify whether applications, for example, iPhoto or Gap have “My Photograph Stream” turned on.
PC: Open the iCloud Control Board and snap the crate for Photographs (“Photograph Stream” in iCloud Control Board 2.x). Click Choices to check whether “My Photograph Stream” is turned on, and snap “Apply.”
With My Photo Stream on, you’ll see that when you snap a photograph on one gadget, it will naturally show up on the majority of your different gadgets. 
For instance, in the event that you take a photograph on your iPhone, it’s replicated to your Photograph Stream and will consequently be noticeable on your iPad or Macintosh. This implies you don’t need to effectively download photographs on your iPad that you brought with your iPhone, in light of the fact that it is naturally shared through Wi-Fi.
The in addition to side is that Apple doesn’t charge for the My Photograph Stream administration, so you don’t need to stress over paying for a membership or sign-up expense. Everything you need is a bolstered gadget and an iCloud record to make utilization of it. Additionally, photographs put away in your Photograph Stream don’t influence your iCloud stockpiling in any capacity.
However, this free administration accompanies a few impediments. Your Photograph Stream previews don’t keep going forever. Your gadget will hide away to 1,000 Photograph Stream pictures, and the iCloud server will keep 30 days worth of Photograph Stream depictions. 
On account of this current, it’s not the best thought to utilize My Photograph Stream as a substitute reinforcement. To spare a picture for all time on an iOS gadget, go to the Photograph Stream picture and snap Spare or Add To.
On the off chance that you need to erase photographs from both of these two collections, this is what you have to know: 
When you erase a photograph from My Photograph Stream, it will consequently eradicate from different gadgets joined with your iCloud account. This will leave the Camera Move duplicate in place.
When you delete a photo from Camera Roll, it will remove it solely from the Camera Roll album, leaving a copy in My Photo Stream.

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