Free Calling Apps for Android


Line is famous choice to make free approaches Android. It presently wears more than 400 million clients overall and contains a ton of clever components. One of which is free telephone calls to other Line clients. You can call non-Line clients yet there is a little expense (which isn’t strange for these applications). It additionally highlights content informing and gathering messaging. Like KakaoTalk, Line is likewise has multi-stage support for most versatile working frameworks and PC which is constantly pleasant to have in the event that your companions or relatives don’t utilize Android.

Facebook Messenger

Initially on our rundown is Facebook Messenger. Facebook has just as of late permitted free approaches its errand person benefit yet so far it has been fairly fruitful. Numerous individuals may not care for Facebook nowadays and may be searching for approaches to dispose of it. On the other hand, Facebook has one obvious point of interest of being as pervasive of an administration as you can get. Since a large portion of these applications oblige that both sides have the same application keeping in mind the end goal to make telephone calls (i.e. both sides much have Facebook Messenger to make free calls), that makes Facebook Messenger an above normal choice since its more probable that your companions as of now utilize Facebook.


KakaoTalk is extremely famous but generally for individuals not in North America. Much like the others on this rundown, you can content and call individuals free of charge. KakaoTalk additionally incorporates gathering calls which can be a decent alternative for the individuals who much of the time oblige calling various individuals immediately. Another great element of KakaoTalk is multi-stage support. So in the event that you have companions with iOS gadgets, Blackberry gadgets, or Windows Phone, you can even now make free calls the length of you both utilization KakaoTalk.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is Google’s response to Skype. It basically takes into consideration free informing with content. In any case, you can likewise make calls with different Hangouts individuals gratis and you can feature visit with up to ten individuals at the same time. The uplifting news about Hangouts is you require a Google record to get to the Google Play Store which means basically everybody perusing this as of now has the record needed to utilize Hangouts. Much like Facebook, its essentially omnipresent and that makes it an incredible alternative.


This is one of the more remarkable applications on the rundown in that magicApp by magicJack really does permit you call non-magicApp clients free of charge. Nonetheless, there are territorial limitations. In the event that you live in the US or Canada, you can make free calls to pretty much anybody. In case you’re outside of the US or Canada or you’re calling somebody outside of the US or Canada without magicApp, then you must pay a charge like regular. The special case, obviously, is that if both sides have magicApp, all calls are without still. Additionally not at all like most applications on this rundown, magicApp must be utilized for telephone calls. So in the event that you simply require an application for calling, this is a decent approach to go. On the off chance that you need something that incorporates messaging as well, then this won’t be a full arrangement.

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz has been around for quite a while and legitimately so. It has the majority of the components that the greater part of these different applications have despite everything it meets expectations rather well. According to the standard you can voice call other Nimbuzz clients gratis and the administration brags HD calling administration which is an or more since a great deal of these applications don’t have the best voice quality when calling. Obviously, your mileage might extremely. You can likewise do the typical stuff like utilization stickers, gathering visit, content talk, and others.


The revered Skype likewise fits into this class. A great many people comprehend what Skype can do as such we’ll keep this one short. You can make free Skype calls to any individual who has Skype and non-Skype numbers oblige a little charge. It’s on most versatile working frameworks and PC working frameworks  so its one of the best arrangements in terms of cross stage utilization. Likewise included are free gathering, feature, and content visits if you require those. It’s a dependable and exceptionally mainstream administration and much like Facebook Messenger, there’s a decent risk individuals you know as of now utilize Skype or possibly have it introduced.


At the point when this rundown was first composed, Viber was simply turning out on Android and it has made a remarkable sprinkle from that point forward. With more than 200 million clients, Viber is a standout amongst the most generally utilized free call arrangements on the rundown. Obviously, you must be calling other Viber clients for it to be free. You can likewise utilize it for content and gathering informing. Viber is somewhat more straightforward than large portions of alternate applications yet it takes care of business. There is additionally cross stage backing if you require it!

Tango Messenger

Tango used to be a substantially more prevalent application several years prior, however it remains a really conventional choice with the expectation of complimentary calls today. With Tango you can get free calls to other Tango clients and the standard messaging and gathering messages. It additionally has cross stage backing and feature visiting on the off chance that you like those elements. Tango likewise runs the additional mile with things like implicit diversions that you can challenge companions to in case you’re exhausted. In fact, its not an energizing expansion but rather its doubtlessly something you won’t discover in different applications on this rundown.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is an odd case in light of the fact that its the main application that obliges a plugin keeping in mind the end goal to make voice calls. Notwithstanding, with the plugin, regardless it does make voice calls. Without the plugin, Yahoo Messenger is only a content informing administration. With the plugin you’ll additionally get voice and feature calling. It has a couple of a larger number of issues than the vast majority of these however given how Yahoo has been with overhauling and rethinking their applications it won’t be long until this turns into a top level alternative. The way things are, its still a decent choice however be careful with the bugs.

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