How to change Android wallpaper automatically

One method for setting up you wallpaper is to have it change on a coordinated timetable. Doing this implies you don’t need to deal with it physically; your gadget is new every time you come to utilize it. There are two or three methodologies you can take, which we’ll plot here.

Introducing a committed application is maybe the most straightforward method for changing your Android gadget’s wallpaper on a timetable. Wallpaper Changer is the best-known application for the employment, however there are others around on Google Play, including Tapet, which can likewise be utilized to create interesting wallpapers. We’ll concentrate on the previous here

Fire up Wallpaper Changer to discover the application’s settings. You can pick a specific number of minutes, hours or days as your interim, set how the application resizes or trims pictures, select to change the wallpaper each time you open your telephone, and set your wallpapers to go through in an irregular request on the off chance that you lean toward.

There are a couple of other settings to tweak: you need to choose the Wallpaper Changer live wallpaper as the wallpaper on your device (press and hold a blank part of the home screen to do this) and you have to compile a group of images via the Albums tab. If you upgrade to the Pro version of Wallpaper Changer you can manage several different albums.

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