How to change home screen app grid size on Galaxy S6

Samsung added the capacity to move from a standard 4×4 application network to a bigger 4×5 or even 5×5 inside its stock launcher, and its super simple to do too. While despite everything you’ll need to go to another launcher on the off chance that you need something more progressed, on the off chance that you
simply need to get a bit higher data thickness the stock launcher has you secured — let us demonstrate to you how its finish.

Much the same as whatever remains of the launcher settings, you’ll have to squeeze in or long push on a clear spot on the home screen to get to them. On account of the application matrix size, you’ll see three choices quickly indicated to you at the base of the zoomed-out perspective. Naturally you have an ordinary 4×4 framework — four symbols over, four vertically — however can tap one of the other two choices to climb to 4×5 or 5×5. Power clients will presumably go to the 5×5 lattice to get however much on every screen as could reasonably be expect.

When you pick one of the higher densities you’ll recognize the majority of your current gadgets, applications and organizers get maneuvered up into a corner, opening up space for a greater amount of whatever you pick. Remember that some (and less consistently) gadgets won’t appropriately resize to a vast application matrix, and you may need to simply utilize them in their standard broad arrangement.
Beyond that small limitation, you’ll notice the phone works the exact same — enjoy your more productive (and hopefully not totally cluttered) home screens!

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