How to record phone calls on Android smartphone

The easiest way to record a phone call is with the help of an Android app. There are many out there that fulfill this purpose, but the one we can recommend is Smart Voice Recorder. It’s simple and free.

  • Make a call or answer an approaching telephone call. 
  • Once the call is associated, inquire as to whether you may record the telephone call. On the off chance that they react in the positive, you may proceed with the accompanying strides. 
  • Switch your telephone to speakerphone or without hands mode (for this situation, by tapping the speaker symbol).

  • Press the home catch to touch base at the homescreen without crossing out your call. 
  • Open the Keen Voice Recorder application. 
  • Tap the huge red catch to start recording (in the event that it is fruitful, the hued waveforms on the showcase will unmistakably move as you talk).

  • Ensure that the guest’s voice is capable of being heard. The louder it is, the better it will sound on the recording. Build the volume utilizing the volume key in favor of the gadget on the off chance that you have to. 
  • At the point when the bring is over, tap the square catch that says Completion in the Shrewd Voice Recorder application, and name the document on the off chance that it prompts you to do as such. 
  • The recorded document will then be open in the Recordings area of the application. Tap and hang on a recording to collaborate with it.

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