How to remove Google Search bar from your Android homescreen

Evacuating the Google Seek bar isn’t troublesome, however the procedure contrasts from gadget to gadget. On Samsung and LG handsets, for instance, you simply evacuate it like you would some other homescreen gadget. On Sony Xperia handsets, be that as it may, this procedure won’t work.

Below are a couple of examples of how to do it. All devices should follow fairly similar steps.

Samsung handsets

  • Tap and hang on the Google Look bar.
  • Drag it to the junk/evacuate symbol at the highest point of the screen.
    • Tap and hold a void space on the homescreen. 
    • Tap Gadgets in the menu that shows up. 
    • Explore to Google Application envelope and tap it. 
    • Move and customize the inquiry bar from inside the envelope to reasonable space on one of your homescreens.

    Sony handsets
    • Tap and hold the Google Look bar. Another menu will show up. 
    • At the highest point of the screen will be the Google Look bar, and on the right side it will say Stow away. Tap Cover up.

    • Tap your home button or return key. 
    • The Google Search bar should now be hidden.

    If you want to get the Google Search bar back once you’ve removed it, simply reverse the above steps.

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