How to save photos to SD Card on Android phone

The procedure is truly simple, and it can be connected to any Samsung telephone with a SD card (so that is the World S2, S3 Smaller than usual, S4, S5, and so forth, however not the S6), and also other SD card fans, for example, the LG, HTC or Xperia. The specific strides may be somewhat diverse, however simply burrow around and you’ll discover your direction.

Save photos to SD card on Marshmallow

The primary thing you have to store pictures specifically in the outside memory is a SD card. Embed it into your telephone, open the camera application and a message will show up inquiring as to whether you need to change the capacity area to the SD card. The same popup happens on most gadgets when opening the camera application subsequent to embeddings a SD card. Consent to your telephone’s solicitation and all future pictures will be put away in the outer memory card. Straightforward.

On the off chance that by some risk this message doesn’t show up, or you have a SD card in your telephone as of now, you have to design it physically. To do this, you go to Settings in the camera application and look down to Capacity. That is the place you can pick amongst Gadget and Memory Card.

Be aware, that on Marshmallow, you now also have the option to format an SD card as internal storage, meaning your photos will automatically be stored on it without doing any of the above. But if you do this, the card will only work on the phone you formatted it on. That means you have to connect your phone to a computer via USB if you want to manually transfer files. The card itself will not be recognized by any other devices.

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