How to set default SMS app on Android Lollipop

On the off chance that you look in Google Play and search for SMS substitution applications, you’ll discover a huge amount of them. For genuine, I measured them. Alright, not so much, however there are a ton of them. The best part? A considerable lot of them are super great and you’ll likely need to attempt them out. Android’s really cool about changing center applications, and fortunately most times it is not difficult to do.

This is one of those times. Setting the application to be the default for SMS and MMS is basic in Android Lollipop. On the off chance that you can’t watch the feature over, here’s the methodology basically.

Open the settings on your gadget

Find the “Remote & system” settings

Tap the “More” passage

Tap the “Default SMS application” passage and settle on your decision

It truly is that straightforward. As a reward, numerous outsider informing applications have a brisk connection to the above in their own application settings. Look in the application settings for a passage about setting the default application, and chances are you’ll get right where you have to be so you can roll out the improvement.

We’re truly diving into Lollipop and we’ll be bringing bounty more tips, traps and how-tos as we discover them.

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