Samsung working on Galaxy S6 for Android 5.0 and 5.1

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge may be taking up all the spotlight nowadays, however there’s no doubt about the way that a considerable measure of people are likewise sitting tight for a word on when their gadget will get the Android Candy overhaul. Samsung has upgraded a considerable measure of gadgets to Candy as of now, yet these have been top of the line gadgets. We affirmed before that the organization is chipping away at Android 5.0 for the Universe An arrangement, and today we have data about numerous different gadgets.

As per our insider, Samsung is right now dealing with Android 5.1 for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, furthermore for the Cosmic system Fabulous Prime. There’s additionally a Cosmic system Center Prime out there in the business sector, and we can affirm that Android 5.0 is a work in progress for the gadget, furthermore for the Universe Super 2. With the vast majority of the leads in the most recent two years now running Candy, it would appear that Samsung is at long last turning its consideration towards mid-range gadgets, however as regular there is no word on when the redesigns will begin taking off.

One final thing. Our insider has repeated that there is still no Candy construct for the World Note 2 a work in progress. It’s normal that the Note 2 will get the redesign close by the Super 2, however once more, for the present there is no ensure that Samsung’s second-era Note lead will make a move past Android KitKat, notwithstanding what a portion of the organization’s territorial arms may be stating.

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