Social Networks That You Didn’t Know That Existed

Dream Twits: A Social Network that gives sleep …

It’s not a way to talk, it’s the truth. Each day more than 7 billion people sleep at least 7 hours a day. Have you ever wondered if anyone has had the same dream as you among those 7 million people? With this application you can find out. This social network allows users to anonymously share their dreams and nightmares with other users.

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Thanks to the hashtag you can easily find people who have dreamed of something similar to yours and you can comment it to discuss the meaning or share the experience. But that is not all, there is also a section dedicated to “daydreaming”, where to share all yearnings and ambitions. At least it’s an original idea.

Teeser: express yourself with T-shirts?

Teeser is the first social network to express your creativity by ordering T-shirts. It’s very easy, choose a template, upload the images and text and use the editing tools to make a unique t-shirt. Then you can send it to print and send it home or share it in your window. You can even sell it.

Each time someone buys a T-shirt designed by you, you will receive a portion of the proceeds. It works like any social network: comments, I like you, hashtags, categories. In short, a fun and innovative way to create and find new shirts and make money with our creativity.

Fubles: to organize parties easily

Have you organized a football game with friends but at the last moment someone has thrown the towel? If you are sick of these situations. Fubles, an Italian app, can help you sort this out. This is an app to organize matches between friends. You can choose the field, the time and who to invite. What do you lack a goalkeeper? Do not worry you can do the public event so anyone can join there.

Once the teams are complete, you are ready to play. But be careful not to crack it otherwise the app will label you as “malqueda” and you can no longer participate in the community. In short, a great resource for organizing parties with people who share your same passion.

Jodel: tells you what happens

This social network will let you know what happens in your area or university in real time. In fact, it is anonymous and based only on the position you are in. You can see user messages in the range of a few kilometers and give to like or thumb down depending on how you want to organize events within the app. Discover events in your area, share experiences and meet new people without having to show your personal information.

We close this list of social networks with an app that is based on a list of things. How does it work? Once registered you can start giving yourself to know by creating lists of elements of anything. If the list of your friends you like, you can hit them, but you can respond with your own list. You can also challenge your friends to create a list and see who gets the most “like”. In short, a rare but interesting social network. Do you have interest how to create that kind of apps, then learn How to Android program easily in free.

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