The updated Lollipop release What’s new in Android 5.1?

Android 5.1 Lollipop is upon us, and the overhaul is simply beginning to end up accessible for Nexus gadget holders, starting with industrial facility pictures for the Nexus 5, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 (2012). Android 5.1 is the first huge support discharge for Candy, settling bugs and enhancing execution and steadiness over the first 5.0 discharge. In that capacity, a large portion of the most essential changes will have occurred in the background, as Google takes care of the stray pieces of Candy.

At first glance, Android 5.1 is just about indistinguishable to 5.0, however look a bit closer and there are bounty more inconspicuous changes to get to grasps with. Perused on to realize what’s new in the most recent Candy discharge.

1. The speedy settings board has been cleaned up a bit in Android 5.1. Each of the symbols (counting the Auto-turn alternative, indicated over on the right) now wakes up with another activity when you tap it.
Also, its presently less demanding to jump between Wifi access focuses and Bluetooth gadgets with the new drop down bolts alongside these settings.

2. In spite of the fact that we’ve heard reports of HD voice officially living up to expectations for a few people on T-Mo — and sporadically experienced it for ourselves on some European systems utilizing the Nexus 6 — Android 5.1 makes it decent and official, and incorporated with the OS. Nexus 6 clients on T-Portable and Verizon (when that form of the telephone dispatches) will have the capacity to appreciate higher-quality voice calls when the 5.1 upgrade arrives.
Double SIM dialer Android 5.1 additionally presents double SIM bolster as an inherent Android characteristic. Valid, there’s no deficiency of double SIM telephones running more seasoned variants of Google’s OS. Be that as it may now that this ability is prepared into Android in 5.1, it ought to make things simpler for littler makers shipping Android 5.1 telephones in creating markets. 
New APIs for engineers in Android 5.1 will make it simpler for designers to have their applications insightfully interface with double SIM telephones as well. What’s more on a comparable note, new APIs for a transporter applications will help administrators control system provisioning and other essential programming stuff through applications on Google Play, without obliging a firmware redesign with each new version.
3. Android 5.1 brings some quite required clarity to Candy’s to a degree confounding screen sticking gimmick, which was intended to make it simpler to bolt children or visitor clients into a specific application. The introductory page of directions is somewhat clearer, advising clients to span up to see the “pin” symbol. What’s more the checkbox to request a PIN or security design when leaving the stuck application now lives in the Application Sticking menu in Settings > Security paying little respect to whether you have lock screen security empowered, making this alternative more discoverable. 
What’s more when you first stick an application, Android additionally improves employment of revealing to you precisely which catches to press to leave stuck mode.
4. Much like Samsung and Apple’s reactivation lock characteristics, Gadget Insurance in Android 5.1 will help to secure your gadget regardless of the fact that its lost or stolen. With this peculiarity empowered, a criminal won’t have the capacity to utilize your gadget — even after manufacturing plant resetting it — without having your Google account login subtle elements. Initially guaranteed for the beginning Candy discharge, Gadget Assurance will offer on “most Android telephones and tablets dispatched with Android 5.1,” as per Google. (That is a thousand aggregate of zero telephones and tablets at the time of composing, however gadgets running 5.1 out of the crate are certain to come later in the year.) 
What’s more, the peculiarity will go to the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, which proposes it’ll likely coordinate with Candy’s full circle encryption characteris
5. Oh, there’s still no conventional “quiet” mode in Android 5.1 Candy (however makers like Samsung and HTC have possessed the capacity to bring it back on their gadgets). Google has, then again, made a few changes to the volume slider and intrusions framework in the new Candy discharge. 
“None,” “Need,” and “All” are currently joined by their comparing symbols, which ought to make it less demanding for new clients to relate these to their status bar symbols. What’s more when empowering “None” or “Need” mode for a particular time period, you’ll see the precise time it’ll be empowered until.
On the off chance that you utilize Android’s “Downtime” gimmick to control notices after a certain time, you’ll now have the capacity to pick the sorts of interferences permitted — “Need” or “None.” Beforehand this peculiarity defaulted to “Need” mode, with no real way to change this. 
Lastly, its presently conceivable to get to the intrusions menu when you’ve got music or features playing. Tap the new ringer symbol on the privilege, and the volume slider will grow out into the recognizable Non/Priority/All menu
6. Those are the wide strokes. Here’s a rundown of the other little odds and ends we’ve seen somewhere else in Android 5.1. 
New livelinesss in Clock application 
The stock Android clock application now enlivens the four fundamental symbols as you swipe between boards. Wheee!
There’s a more utilitarian change as well — utilizing the volume rocker as a part of the clock application will now default to changing your caution volume. 
Contacts lose shaded overlay and Google+ linkage 
Contact cardTap on a contact in Android 5.1 and you’ll see their profile picture without the shaded overlay of old. (Catches symbols still utilize the stress hues pulled from profile pictures, then again.) Past that, Google+ profiles for contacts are no more connected here — make of that what you will
You’ll additionally see some minor nonessential changes somewhere else in the Contacts application, including the Settings menu and contact altering screens. 
Sticky delicate keys fix 
The bug creating delicate key shine impact to “stick” when swiping up seems to have been settled in Android 5.1. (Or if nothing else we’ve yet to perceive it on the new discharge.) You may have perceived it when swiping up to get to Google Now in the prior adaptation of Lollipop.
Shroud ‘Heads-up’ warnings without releasing 
In Android 5.0.x you could swipe up to reject a heads-up warning, however doing as such would expel it from the notice plate also. In Android 5.1, swiping up on a heads-up notice will shroud it, yet keep it in the warning plate. Swiping to the side will even now reject the warning totally. (Much obliged, still1!)
Another status bar symbol when there’s no SIM embedded
NuPlayer now the default spilling player 
NuPlayer is Google’s new, speedier and more proficient spilling substance player/compartment. In Android 5.1 it replaces AwesomePlayer, which is the thing that has been utilized as a matter of course as a part of the past.
Memory release altered? 
According to the AOSP issue tracker, the memory hole bug influencing a few clients on Android 5.0 is likely altered in 5.1. The glitch was stamped as “FutureRelease” in the AOSP bug tracker back in December, and all things considered ought to be settled in this new arrival of Android.
Those are the greatest changes we’re seeing in Android 5.1 in this manner far subtle changes here and there for a more refined Candy experience. Also it merits remembering that you could conceivably see some of these in producer redid Android 5.1 gadgets when future upgrades begin taking off.

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