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AppCack is a one of the most famous  IOS App which is helps you for installing cracked IPA files. AppCake was created in 2008 with first generation Apple Phones. this is the first IOS app that allow to download, install and share IPA files. this app is working on Iphone and Ipad both, this app is very easy to use. you can also submit your app but you need a sign up on AppCack Forum.

Appcake allow you to install crack IOS application on ISO jailbroken devices but you need to jailbreak your IOS device before using of appcake. The appcake allow you to install many cracked apps and use premium apps for free.

Appcake Repo

Benefits Of Appcake

  • Use Premium Apps For Free

This is the first and most valuable reason to use appcake. Many IOS users are searching the the tricks how to use premium IOS apps for free. Appcake is a best app that allow you to download premium apps for free.

The appcake community allow you to share your own application with other users. Many users finds the useful and free apps and share in the community. You can also share apps on community.

  • Filter With Category

You can filter the apps by category and easily find apps according to your needs. You can choose the category that you want and see the apps of those category. Many category available to find apps like: finance, health, education, bsiness etc.

  • Quick Search Box

You can directly search any app with search box. This is another utility of appcake, Search the app that you want and download it fast. This utility will definitely save your time and you can easily install your favorite apps.

  • Description Of Apps

When you search any app, You can see the full description of the app. You can read all necessary points about app like description, review, app uses etc. You can see the what is compatible version for the app, what is the price of the app and how many peoples already downloaded the app.

  • Forum

The is the most useful feature for new users because many new users don’t know how to use appcake and faces many problems. So if you don’t know how to use appcake then read the available threads on the forum or ask questions on the forum.

How To Install Appcake Repo Without Jailbreak

Now read this step by step tutorial to install appcake repo withot jailbreak.

Step #1. Connect your IOS device to internet via mobile data or WiFi and go to the url:

Step #2. When loading is finished, Click on “Cydia” or “Cydia For IOS 10” ( Version Of Your IOS).

Step #3. Now click on “get it” the follow the instructions and finish the installation of cydia app on your ISO device.

Step #4. open cydia app and navigate to Manage>Sources> Edit. Popup window will appear. Enter and click on “Add” button.

Step #5. Now search “AppSync Unified” and install it.

Step #6. When you finished the installation of AppSync Unified then navigate to Manage>Sources>Edit. Enter in the popup and click on “Add Source”.

Step #7. Search for the appcake and install the appcake repo.

Step #8. If any popup appear then click on “Add Anyway” to continue installation.

You are done the installation of appcake repo.

Alternative Of AppCake

Now you have read what is appcake and how to use appcake. You can easily use appcake after reading this tutorial but many other appcake alternatives are available that will work similar to appcake repo.

List Of The AppCake Alternatives

1. Zeusmos: This app is quite similar to appcake and it is working same as appcake. This app allows you to download many premium apps for free. This app doesn’t need to jailbreak your IOS device.

2. Kuaiyong: Kuaiyong app is the best alternative of appcake repo, This is very simple to use and any newbie can easily install this app. This app is working similar to zeusmos and its don’t required to jailbreak your IOS phone.

3. PandaApp: This another alternative for appcake, This is working on both IOS and Android. PandaApp is available for free and the interface of PandaApp is very easy. If you are searching for the games then this is the best option.

4. vShare: This is a great appcake alternative and used by many IOS users. This app is a favorite app of many iphone users because of easy interface of this app. This app is can be downloaded only on jailbroken IOS devices with cydia. Many paid apps available on vShare for free.

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