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Are you searching for IOS emulators to jailbreak your IOS devices and play old games and on your IOS device then you are on the right place. Emu4IOS is very amazing and useful web app to install any restricted app and games on your IOS device without jailbreak.

What Is Emu4IOS?

Many IOS users download emulators to jailbreak their IOS device, but the

allow you to install old games and apps on your device without any jailbreak. This is a web application and it’s very helpful for the IOS users to play restricted games on their devices.

This app allow you to install old games and apps on your device without any jailbreak. Emu4IOS is a web application and it’s very helpful for the IOS users to play restricted games on their devices.


This app allow you to access many available emulators without jailbreak. You can download many free and paid emulators but you can use only one emulator at a time. If you want to use another emulator then you need to uninstall your current emulator.

This app support all IOS devices from IOS 7 to IOS 10, So this is the great web app for every IOS user who wants to play restricted and paid apps on IOS devices.

Is This safe to use?

Now the biggest question on the new users mind “Emu4IOS is safe or not” and the answer is “Yes”, This is safe for all IOS devices and this web app will not harm your devices. Thousands of IOS users already use the App.

The IOS 10 is very secure and many popular jailbreak applications are not working with IOS 10 but don’t worry, Now Emu4IOS App is the new option to download many useful emulators. It’s very safe for new IOS devices and the best part is that this app not required jailbreak.

You cannot download this app from apple app store because Apple doesn’t allow such type of apps, but you can download Emu4IOS from other alternate resources. If you already installed any jailbreak app, then you can’t this app. First uninstall the jailbreak app and then install Emu4IOS.

Features of Emu4IOS:

  • This app is very easy to use and the user interface of this app is very easy.
  • You can install Emu4IOS without jaikbreak any other device.
  • Regularly updated with new games and apps.
  • You can download this app for free and this app is also ads free.
  • This app is supports almost every version of IOS, This is very cool.
  • You can easily download many popular apps easily like moviebox, playbox hd etc.

Apps available on Emu4IOS;

  • AirShou
  • Happy Chick
  • GBA4iOS
  • HipStore
  • SNES4iOS
  • 3DS Emulator
  • MovieBox
  • iRec
  • NDS4iOS
  • iNOJB
  • PlayBox HD
  • RetriArch

How To Install Apps With Emu4IOS for IOS:

  1. You don’t need to jailbreak your device But you need to change the date of your IOS device.
  2. Go to the settings of your device and click on “General”.
  3. After clicking on ‘general’, Navigate to the ‘date and time’.
  4. Now change the year to 2016.
  5. Time changing is the necessary process to install apps from Emu4IOS. Without changing the date not possible to install any apps from Emu4IOS.
  6. Now go to emu4ios.net select the app that you want to install and click on ‘yes’ for confirmation.
  7. When installation is done, You can use your app.

How To Use Emu4IOS For Android:

Android is now the growing mobile platform and most of the people are using Android phones. So why we don’t use Emu4IOS for the android device? Yes, this is possible to use this app on Android.

Here a am sharing the trick to use Emu4IOS on your android device. Follow the steps:

  1. Download the Emu4IOS apk file from here.
  2. After downloading the file, Open that file and click on ‘install’ button.
  3. Before installation you need to change the permission of installation and allow Unknown Sources’ apps to install.
  4. Now start installing the app.
  5. After installation is complete, Enjoy the Emu4IOS on your android device.

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